The Music and Dance Scientific Committee approves one of 15 nominees to become an applicant for the World Creation Capital for Music & Dance.

The Société mondiale des Créateurs (SmC) is a non-governmental organization established after Copenhagen Summit to contribute to the change of our economic model by developing creations and ethical growth.

To fulfill its mission, it has designed a new system and edited a standard to register, publish, value, promote and administrate creations. Market Study conducted by SmC shows that most of the creative potential of humanity is unexploited. Most people consider themselves as creators but are reluctant of conducting any innovative project because of the difficulty to conduct innovative projects because of the high costs of intellectual property and the low level of protection granted by national legislations.

iCFmd is the company that holds the exclusive license for all Music and Dance related creations registered under the SmC Standard called CreaFree. She is responsible for the internet platform where artists can register and protect their works, collaborate with other artists, apply for economical support and services that will enhance the value of their creations in a secure environment.

The Creafree Standard implements the fundamental requirements of international treaties that recognize author’s rights of scientific, literary and artistic creators as an essential part of human rights. Based on these requirements, the Standard has designed a worldwide long-term protection for creation based on Creabook, which anybody can afford thanks to very low costs. This protection may gradually be valued through high level experts’ labialization. Table of comparisons show that Creabook is today the most efficient property title to protect and value creations.

The object is a tender for cities all over the world to become the World Capital for Music and Dance that will allow them to organize a Research/Training center, an Ethical Academy, an Arbitration Court and an Originality Jury. The city will organize annual awards for the CreaFree artists and other events that can promote and raise benefits.

The World Music and Dance Project with its vision, mission and objectives and being presented with its local, national, continental and world surrounding as stated above should value the city as best choice.


The applying cities are requested;

  • to anticipate and respond to the world potential of creations for Music and Dance
  • to apply appropriate technology-driven management, skills and research,
  • to train and use highly motivated staff,
  • to organize annual awards.